Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Twitter is a world wide phenomenon in microblogging. The world wide web never sleeps and it does so in 140 characters or less. We learn about the lives of strangers, build friendships, network with those who share our interests, and keep up with friends and family, and Twitter is responsible for all of this. Twitter brings a whole new meaning to social networking with its combination of instantaneous gratification and ability to reach a larger audience in less time than Myspace or Facebook could ever possibly imagine reaching.

- Twitter and the blogosphere

The blogosphere is brimming with blogs across dozens of blog networks. Such sites as and host millions of blogs around the world. Millions of people spill billions of words onto the world wide web ever single day. Blogging is a world wide phenomenon, showing no signs of slowing down. Rather, blogging is actually picking up more speed! Blogs range in topic from personal to technological and everything in between, niche blogs abound, businesses blog about their products, celebrities and professional authors blog about their prospective businesses, mommies blog about their families and the child-free movement is given a voice. Blogging gives us each and every one of us the opportunity to express our feelings and expertise in a setting of our choosing and receive feedback from a wide audience.

Twitter, likewise, allows millions of people to express themselves and every second. If a tweeter can keep their thoughts inside the 140 character limit, they're able communicate with anyone who may be listening. Like blogging, Twitter has taken a wide variety of forms, from personal to business, and is

While tweeting is undeniably different than blogging, Twitter has a special place in the heart of most bloggers for its unparalleled ability to call attention blog from the wide and varied Twitter audience.
Twitter is an extremely useful tool when promoting blogs and websites and most tweeters who use Twitter to funnel traffic to their websites have had success in doing so. For more information on increasing website traffic through Twitter,
- Twitter replaces blogging?

Twitter, though its useful as a microblogging tool, will never replace conventional blogging. While it acts as a complimentary system to traditional blogging, Twitter enhances the blogosphere rather than replaces it. Twitter widgets can be seen on blogs around the web and those without the widget almost invariably have the "Follow me on Twitter" buttons. Twitter compliments blogging, it doesn't replace it.

The simple fact is, Twitter will never tell the whole story. It's meant to entice, to convey short messages and feelings, but not to give a complete picture. Blogging, on the other hand, is the worlds chosen media. Blogs serve everyone from small personal bloggers to major corporations and networks. They serve as a way to communicate and teach in a complete and meaningful way.

So, tweet away, but keep on blogging too. The good news is that tweeting and blogging are 100% compatible!


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