Saturday, June 27, 2009


Your first applications should be with temporary agencies and job placement firms. Most major temporary firms are also in the business of providing hiring services for companies as well. As I explained in my Hub on temporary services, during a recession when companies begin to find business improving they usually first add to their labor force by hiring through temp agencies just in case the rise in business proves temporary and they have to cut back on employees again.

Working with temporary agencies has additional advantages as well. Temporary employment gives you a chance to both broaden your experience by working different job as as well as provides you with the opportunity to evaluate a job and an employer to see if you like it. If you discover that you don't like a particular type of work or particular employer simply tell the agency not to give you any more assignment for that job type or employer.

Even if the job is not a temp to hire, temporary work gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with different employers and demonstrate to them what you can do. If a job opens with that employer up in the future you can point out that you already have a track record and experience with them. Also, working at different places allows you to broaden your network of coworkers and supervisors who can be of help in finding a position.

You Will Need to Produce More Than One Version of Your Resume
Instead of posting a general resume on one or two job posting websites or randomly mailing out the same general resume to numerous employers, why not research employers who have posted jobs that you want or whom you know hire people with your skill set. This, of course, means that you should first get some information about the company.

Thus, when you see a job posting that you qualify for check the company out on the web (a Google search is a good place to start and is a good source of free information on larger public companies). Find and study their website. Check out other information about them trying to find anything that will tell you more about the company and the job in question that will help you to craft your resume specifically for that company and that position as well as to enable you to speak more intelligently in the interview.

By all means post your resume

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