Tuesday, September 29, 2009


At you can create your Google mail Account and once you've set it up with your prAd-sense is a very simple yet effective advertising application by, that facilitates paid third party adverts to be advertised on web sites.

If you have a website already up and running or are about to build a new website and would like to earn some extra revenue, then selling some space on your pages to advertising, is the way to go.

Ad-sense is the easiest and quickest way to get tailor made adverts on all your web pages / sites. You will need a Google mail Account and be familiar with basic website design. You will also require a bank account for the millions you can earn. Actually it's pennies but they all add up and once you have accumulated a specified amount, Google very kindly deposit it into your bank account.

references locate the Ad-sense page. On it you will find step by step instructions to making various types of ads. Creating the Ad-sense account is easy because you can use you Gmail signing in Account and password for both mail and Ad-sense. In fact you can sign into all Google Applications with the same signing in name and password. Customizing how the ads will look on your page and the type of ads you want or don't want on your site only takes a few minutes.

That done Google will formulate a simple script / a code that you copy and paste into your website editor. Publishing the page to the net instigates the code and the adverts which are very random yet still uniformed to your specifications.

The colour and the content that appear where you have added the code are all click-able by you and your website visitors. These adverts should be discrete so that web site visitors do not feel bombarded by them, yet subtly alluring enough to tempt them into clicking on them when they are procrastinating or simply looking for inspiration.

All your web site visitors who click on those links in the adverts will be redirected to the URL they've clicked on and in doing so they trigger a counter that will earn a penny or two. If visitor (A) clicks a link on one of your adverts you earn money, if he then makes a purchase on the website he has been forwarded to then an additional few pence is added. Strategically placed adverts can reap some real rewards.

All those Ads and clicks and conversions are tracked and you can keep an eye on how well each advertising campaign is doing in a Dashboard page in Google Ad-sense.

If you then change the colours of your website, Ad-sense allow you to edit each campaign to change the particular details of the adverts that appear on your site.

All in all you get money for space and the ability to formulate major advertising campaingns from highly respected internet giant...


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