Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've looked at many different business types and models comparing and analyzing them all; through doing so I came across these three online jobs. Passport to Wealth, EDC Gold, and IPC Instant Cash are three legitimate work at home jobs that I came across that require zero experience. Each of these businesses provides its members with extensive training to become a pro at generating money online.

Now, while these three online jobs are earning the average person $500 to $1000 daily there are notable differences between the three. For instance Passport to Wealth pays a whopping $997 to its members when they make a sale but that's only after members pay $1994 to their sponsors. Being a pass up program Passport to Wealth requires members to pass up their first two payments and not get paid until their third sale. However, even with that requirement many are still making in excess of $5000 a month.

One of the best features of legitimate work at home jobs is that you can make money on a daily basis with no prior experience. The video training and tutorials provided by these three sites seems very top notch and are easy to follow. From the research I've done I've discovered that this is one of the reasons leading to members making five figures monthly.

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